Heaven on the earth

The construction began by building the church dedicated to Saint Martyr Prokopius in 2005. During all this time many Christians of goodwill, Serbs and Americans have helped financially, materially and physically in building the church. Many have brought food and beverages during picnics and celebrations all these years, especially our tireless sisters in Christ. Let us not forget all those, who have prayed for success of this blessed enterprise. We would like to name those who helped. Their names will forever be mentioned during church services. We are aware, that this list is incomplete, because of our forgetfulness or because many have decided to remain anonymous. But, our dear God, who sees all and knows all will remember those in His Books of Life. Also, the saints to whom the monastery and the church are dedicated St. Prokopius and St. Nikolaj of Zitcha ( to whom the monastery is dedicated) will add their prayers for ALL those who have contributed even in the smallest way.

The church builders:
From Michigan: Milojko Milenkovic, Stanoje Milanovic, Danny Radisevic, Nenad Sejmanovic, Nenad Dobricic, Milan Milanovic, Dragoljub Greg Milenkovic, Toma Vangic, Dragan Krancic, Dragan Spasic, Dragoljub Buljugic, Stojan Calic, Marko Baljag, Milan Nikic, Bora Ilic, Nesa Blagojevic, Sinisa Samac, Bruce Kavaja, Mike Birac, Zdenko Pasalic, Branimir Vukicevic, Dusko Trajkov, Milos Pajdak, Father Zivko Kajevic, Stevan Vojnovic, Rodney Kane, Robert Kehring, Cvetan Jankovic, Milomir Simovic, Mirko Mrnducic.
Gary, Indiana: Mija Dodik with a group of ten Serbs and a group of Mexicans.
Chicago, Ill: Slobodan Pavlovic.
Milton, Ont: Bishop Georgije.
Oakville, Ont: Richard Price, Jova Andic, Dragan Prostran, father Vukic Atanaskovic, Glisa Legenda helpers
Niagara Falls, Ont: Tiosav Tiha Nikolic, Ilija Pilja.
Windsor, Ont: Bobby Davidovic, Sava Soldat, Bora Spiric, Ljuba Djuric, Damjan Alaica, Milorad Mladenovic, Slavko Frkovic, Rade Jaksic, Janko Folcan, Todor Vujatovic, Pat Pignanelli, Dane Grujic, Slavko Vidakovic, Father Milan Jovanovic, George Velickovic, Aleksa Babic, Sreten Zakula, Jovica Damjanovic.
Sarnia, Ont: Milos Vujic, Neven Drobnjak.
London, Ont: Nikola Ivanovic, Bane Cvetkovic and sons, pok. Janko Basara.
Serbia: Family Ninkovic, Andrija Bajic, Folk Group Talija.

Blessings: Foundations Bishop Georgije; Two bells and cross on the church Bishop Mitrofan: The church itself and one bell Bishop Longin. The Cemetery: Fathers: Mihajlo Mikic, Todor Gacanin, Sava Cakardic, Rade Obsenica, Dobrica Obradovic.

crkva-1There were many other contributors whose names we do not remember (please forgive us brothers and sisters), but He who knows and sees all will recognize them as He recognized the poor widow who gave only two smallest coins. (Luke 21:2)
The building continues with God’s help and blessings. A lot of effort and work still remain, especially the Hall, which will become a Spiritual and Cultural Centre. But, we are confident that the Christians of goodwill will pray for us and help us in our God pleasing endeavor. Their name will be inscribed in this holy place’s history to be remembered until the end of time. Amen.